Profile (Sample)

Once you've signed up with us, you'll be able to access your profile page which serves as your base for starting your widget and uploading your pictures. Your profile is subdivided into three sections, Widget/Pictures/Upload.

Widget - You'll be given a Widget ID which is required to use our widget and display pictures on your website. Use the Widget Utility to generate the code you will need.

Pictures - Once you've uploaded pictures, you'll be able to view all your pictures including those that have been accepted, rejected, or currently pending.

Upload - The upload tab is your destination for uploading pictures onto the site. You'll be able to select the city and place for which you have pictures and upload them directly from there. By doing so, you'll be helping us grow our picture library.

Widget Info

Here you'll find your personal widget ID so that you can use the Go By Seeing widget.

Your Widget ID :1d55d8d9s62a3s5d4

This ID should be kept relatively secret. However, anybody who views the code on your website and knows what they are looking for will be able to see this ID. As an added measure of security you are required to include the domain name ( of your website.

Add Domain Name :

By adding a domain name above, you are authorizing that website to access the Go By Seeing widget using your Widget ID. Make sure that this domain name belongs to you. Below you'll find domains that have already been attached to your Widget ID. You also have the option to remove any of these domains.

Domains alread added:

Widget Utility

1. Select a City.

2. Select a Place

3. Select a Widget Style.

*Once you've clicked "Submit", the code for displaying the Widget on your website will be displayed below.

The Code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<div class="gobyseeing-love" data-widget-id="150a538cdb8501" data-widget-place="1" data-widget-style="1"></div>

The Widget:

*Here is the output of the above code.