Sharing pictures

By uploading your pictures with us, you are licensing the pictures under the Creative Commons Attribution–ShareAlike License. This means that other people will be able to use your pictures commercially but will attribute the work back to you via your Go By Seeing profile. If you do plan to use the pictures on a commercial website, be sure to attribute the work back to the author and include a link back to Go By Seeing. Uploading your pictures also means we will be displaying your pictures as part of our picture library on the www.gobyseeing.com domain and also as part of our third party widget which may display your pictures on third party websites.

You are also allowing everyone including Go By Seeing visitors and those not visiting this website access to those pictures without compensation. By uploading, you are also certifying that you are the legal copyright holder of each picture.

Removing Pictures

You are given the opportunity to remove your pictures from our picture library in the "My Profile" tab. Click on "Pictures", then "Accepted", and upon hovering over any of your accepted pictures you are given the option to remove the picture from the picture library. Accepted pictures are those that have been reviewed by the Go By Seeing staff and marked to be included in the library. Pictures listed as "Pending" or "Rejected" are not included in the library. By removing your pictures from "Accepted", you are manually changing the picture's status to "Rejected" and subsequently it is not shown on any part of the website except your own profile.

Upload Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change any portion of the Upload Policy and any changes will be displayed on this page.


General Use

By using the Go By Seeing Widget, you agree to recognize that you do not own any of the information sent to your website, including code and pictures. The Widget utilizes information from 3 different sources: code created by Go By Seeing, code licensed from another party(Fancybox), and pictures uploaded by Go By Seeing or by users who have uploaded pictures and thus agreed to the Upload Policy.

Using any of this content in any manner that is not to properly render the widget is not authorized. As an example, this means you may not save the pictures or use any of the code to power other portions of your website.

Widget Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change any portion of the Upload Policy and any changes will be displayed on this page.


Your Information

The information collected from you upon registration including name and email are used to personalize the user experience. Your name is used to give you attribution for pictures you've uploaded and it is also used as your username in your public profile. Your email is kept private is not made public or sold to third parties.

Security measures are taken to safeguard your email and password so that they are not made public.

You are not required to register in order to visit the site. You are able to visit anonymously but you will not be able to upload pictures to our library or use the widget.


Cookies are currently not being used but this will most likely be changed in future. Any changes will be made on this page. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your browser and are used to remember your login information when you close your browser and visit at a different point in time.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change any of portion of the Upload Policy and any changes will be displayed on this page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding any of the policies mentioned above (Upload Policy, Wdiget Policy, Privacy Policy), you may contact us at:

McKinney, TX