Why join?

By signing up with Go By Seeing, you'll be contributing to our growing picture library of "Places to See" in Europe. We primarily rely on our users to do this and it's an opportunity for amateur or casual photographers to showcase their photos. Not to mention that we offer a utility for blog writers, newspapers, travel agencies, and websites to showcase these photos.

For amateur/casual photographers

Enter any museum(even those with camera restrictions) in Europe and the one thing you'll be sure to see is a camera. The bigger, the more famous the museum, the more cameras you'll find. Cameras are almost synonymous with travel because when you get home, everybody will want to see what you did. Some photos you take are good, bad, grainy, blurry, bright, etc. but nearly everybody has a picture in their own library that is of impressive quality....regardless of experience as a photographer.

If this were translated into a cause-effect relationship, it would be:

"If you bring a camera with you on a vacation, you will take at least one great photo."

With this relationship in mind, we'd like to add that one photo, if not all your great photos, to our library. Not all pictures are added to the library since they are reviewed for general quality and to avoid overlap of content. If you'd like to read more about the review process, head over to "My Profile" to see a sample profile with explanations. To review our upload/picture/privacy policy, head to the "Privacy Policy" tab to read more.

For bloggers, papers, travel agencies, website developers

We really like the idea of sharing photos with the community and for this reason, we've developed a widget that can be placed on your website to showcase pictures of the places that you're writing about.

For example: If you're writing a story about visiting the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, you can include a small snippet of code in your website that displays photos of the Arc de Triomphe directly from Go By Seeing. The pictures also serve as a link that a visitor can click to be redirected to gobyseeing.com for more pictures.

If you're not the most tech savvy, no worries. It's an easy process and requires adding as little as 2 lines of code. We also provide a guide on your profile page to help you do this and should take less than 2 minutes to complete.

Of course, we currently do not have all European cities or attractions listed so this widget only applies to those places that we have pictures for, but we're growing and this means that we may have the place you are writing about in the near future.

Below is an example of the widget that can be placed on your website and note that there are 3 different formats you can choose from.

Widget: Example

This was loaded in 3rd party format